Class Work

Road to Final Analysis: Creating a General Outline

This post is about using the thesis to create an outline.

These quilt panels offer insight into the relationship between Disney Fandom and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

  1. How is the Disney Fandom embodied in my quilt panels? (What about other panels?)
  2. What is the Disney fandom? (What is the scope of the Disney fandom to be considered in the analysis?)
  3. What was the relationship in 1980s-90s?
  4. What is the relationship today?
  5. Conclusion: How has Disney fandom contributed/ameliorated the AIDS epidemic?
  6. Works cited
  7. Image citations

Looking at another analysis: HIV/AIDS in the U.S. Military

This is a post looking at how the introduction and policy section of the article.

The introduction is good at giving the topic a sense of humanity by connecting the man on the quilt to the overall topic.  The introduction then turns to give an idea of what will be continued in the essay.  I think it could be improved by not having the thesis bolded as it interrupts the flow of reading.  The author linked to an article used for a statistic.  The author also names military policies specifically meant to keep LGB people out of the military and gave a description of what the policy said.  The author uses other sources that are parenthetically cited but instead of just taking a lot of quotes they paraphrase.  The evidence shows that the author can find many good sources to use.  There is much more putting evidence in the essay than making deeper connections.  The stating of which evidence comes from which source could be improved to avoid confusion.

Road to Final Analysis: Creating Thesis Statements

  • Possible thesis
    • The Disney fandom is linked closer to the AIDS epidemic than what is spoken.
    • Through the Disney fandom, those affected by the AIDS epidemic have a way to explain what they are going through.
    • The Disney fandom is creating a space for those affected by the AIDS epidemic to have a voice.
    • Through the ideas about gay culture found by the Disney fandom in works made by Disney, it can be seen that the Disney fandom is connected to the AIDS epidemic.
  • What questions do I need to ask to prove any of these true?
    • How is the Disney fandom connected to the quilt?
    • What is the Disney fandom’s link to the AIDS epidemic?
    • What is the evidence of gay culture found by the Disney fandom?
    • What is counted among the Disney fandom? Star Wars? Marvel?

Road to Final Analysis: Notes of what to do

Part of analysis essay will include primary source description.  Includes my interpretation of the quilt.  What can be learned from the panels about the complex social, scientific, political, and cultural history of AIDS in Atlanta, the US, or the world?  Integrate evidence into my argument.  Use multimodality.

Finding a source to answer questions

Finding a source to answer the question: What is the relationship between Disney fandom culture and the HIV/AIDS epidemic?

-How did Disney fandom grow from the end of the Disney Dark Ages (1970-1988) to the Disney Renaissance (1989-1999)?

-How did Disney fandom interact with gay culture in the last century?

The book Tinker Belles and Evil Queens: The Walt Disney Company from the Inside Out by Sean Griffin is about finding the relationship between Disney and gay culture.  Gay culture was very affected by the AIDS epidemic, so by finding how Disney is connected to gay culture, one may be able to find a connection to the AIDS epidemic.  The book even says that many AIDS quilt panels have Disney Iconography and/or lyrics.  The Little Mermaid is a good example, as the film can be analyzed to see a gay storyline.  The Little Mermaid was the first movie in Disney’s Renaissance era which was the era that saw the resurgence of a fan culture after a company-wide decline due to Walt Disney’s death.  There is also the unofficial “Gay Days” events at Disneyland and Disney World.

Creating Research Questions

What is the subculture seen in the panels memorializing Howard Ashman?         In the Howard Ashman panels, it seems that they are focused on the animated characters that are featured in the movies that his music was used in.  I think this shows that there is a fandom for those movies and around Disney animation in general.  I think that his music is a reason for why so many people are attached to those movies.

What is the relationship between Disney fandom culture and the HIV/AIDS epidemic?