Road to Final Analysis: Creating Thesis Statements

  • Possible thesis
    • The Disney fandom is linked closer to the AIDS epidemic than what is spoken.
    • Through the Disney fandom, those affected by the AIDS epidemic have a way to explain what they are going through.
    • The Disney fandom is creating a space for those affected by the AIDS epidemic to have a voice.
    • Through the ideas about gay culture found by the Disney fandom in works made by Disney, it can be seen that the Disney fandom is connected to the AIDS epidemic.
  • What questions do I need to ask to prove any of these true?
    • How is the Disney fandom connected to the quilt?
    • What is the Disney fandom’s link to the AIDS epidemic?
    • What is the evidence of gay culture found by the Disney fandom?
    • What is counted among the Disney fandom? Star Wars? Marvel?

Road to Final Analysis: Notes of what to do

Part of analysis essay will include primary source description.  Includes my interpretation of the quilt.  What can be learned from the panels about the complex social, scientific, political, and cultural history of AIDS in Atlanta, the US, or the world?  Integrate evidence into my argument.  Use multimodality.