Final Analysis: Disney Fandom Today

The prevalence of the internet within the past two decades has led to an explosion of available content in the Disney fandom.  It is much easier to spread fanart, fanfiction, and to find new Disney themed items.  It is also easier for Disney fans to spread their life stories talking about the influence of Disney in lives.  It is easier with anonymity on the internet to talk about feeling a connection with a character from a “kid’s movie”.  The Disney fandom seems to be good at talking through and explaining difficult topics through their love for and connection to Disney characters.  There are many fanfictions that involve having Disney characters of the same gender being in relationships.  I have not found a Disney fanfiction that has a character with AIDS but I figure that it is only a matter of time until they become trending, as Disney, gay, lesbian, and heartbreak seem to be very good at trending on fanfiction sites.

With the larger overall acceptance of LGBT people, there have been even more chances of seeing characters that could be a part of that community.  For example in Inside Out, some, like myself, can see a romantic relationship between Joy and Sadness including Disney Consumer Products which created a shirt of Joy and Sadness back to back under a rainbow that is colorful on Joy’s side and shades of blue on Sadness’s side that says “It’s Complicated”.  I am sure that to a lot of people it seems like a shirt for a lesbian couple.  Nowadays with social media like Twitter, there has been a call for more representation in Disney movies.  There have been calls for a princess with cancer and for Elsa from Frozen to have a girlfriend.  This shows how powerful these characters are in shaping American culture from an early age and it would not surprise me if there eventually is a call for a character affected by AIDS to appear in any Disney movie.


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