Final Analysis: What is the Disney fandom?

Disney fandom

It is hard to explain what the Disney fandom is.  There are debates as to what should be included and what shouldn’t.  To me, the Disney fandom is the group of people that love a concept that from the Disney company.  As you can see in the picture, there are a lot of Disney movies and that is just a part of the fandom.  Even though it seems to be mostly tied to the Disney Princesses, the Disney fandom includes the animated and live-action movies, short films from Walt Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, tv shows on the Disney branded channels, and the Disney theme parks.  It is seen through fanfiction, fanart, debates, theories, remaking trailers with current Disney movie footage, going to the theme parks, t-shirts, youtube channels, websites, home items and many more things.  Some Disney movies with large fanbases get spinoff tv shows and even attractions in the theme parks.  Items to show fandom can be bought from Shop Disney and many small online shops on Etsy and other eretailers.  There is an official Disney fan club called D23.  The fandom has also inspired many book series from Twisted Tales to the Kingdom Keepers.  To see more of the Disney fandom look at the Disney wiki run by Disney fans.

One of the things that make Disney fandom so hard to define is that it has not been well researched.  In fact, Jonathon Gray, a professor of media and cultural studies, asserts that fandoms should be treated like other social studies and not just get a cursory glance (Introduction).  As fandoms are becoming a larger part of American culture due to the internet, fandoms will start to have more meaningful research allowing for better conclusions about the impact of fandoms on the world.

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