Class on Feb 1

A primary source: Data authors generate themselves, “Original source”, “first hand”, chart with no analysis already attached, interacting with the panel from the quilt

A secondary source: Reporting someone’s point of view about data already generated

It depends on how the researcher is using a source to determine whether it is a primary or secondary source.  Newspapers can work as either type.

Rate schedule sign driggers description: a black and white photo (grey scale), a sign that says “THIS IS NOT Burger King”, sign that says “good coffee” with a picture of a cup with steam coming off, on the same sign underneath it says “cheaper than prozac”, a sign that says rate schedule which says “Answers $1.00 Answers which require thought $2.00, Correct answers $4 Dumb looks are still free”, there is a women on the left side with her face visible and some writing on the back of her shirt, two long shiny tubes with different size cups coming out, on the shelf there is a pot that says ashes of problem customers

Will be using it looks like and it appears that very often in this class.

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